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For this Sunday 29th July 2018

My Dear Friends,

This Sunday’s readings speak of the feeding of the crowds. In the first reading, Elisha the prophet invoked the power of God and fed hundred men with twenty barley loaves. Elisha relied on what God can do and not on what he possessed. This event foretells the miraculous feeding of the multitude by our lord with five loaves of bread and two fish. In both miracles, people were fully fed and there were leftovers. It is noteworthy that God who worked these miracles through the cooperation of selfless, generous, and ordinary people willing to share their food with others. Consequently, their needs were met by God because of the people’s goodwill- services.

As Christians, the readings invite us to be loyal or humble instruments in the hand of God by sharing our blessings with the needy. The readings challenge us to be generous with our resources and to share our blessings with those who are in need. It teaches us to meet the needs of those in need with generosity and compassion like Jesus and Elisha the Prophet. The readings demonstrate God’s care for the needy and there is enough for everybody when we acquire the spirit of sharing in our community. There is the need to manage our resources well and to be used for the welfare of everyone. We are reminded not to be wasteful even when we have surplus food. It is worth noting the biggest factor responsible for the level of poverty in the word today are mismanagement and wastefulness of resources.

As Christians, let us be humble instruments of God’s hand by sharing and com- municating God’s compassion and love to everyone. Let us get involved in works of charity with our local church, organizations etc. Remember the song: Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. (Matthew 25:40).


Every blessing,

Fr. Emmanuel





Fr. Dennis

Fr. Dennis Touw – Tempelmans Plat.  Parish Priest

Fr. Emmanuel Onwu. Assistant Priest