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For this Sunday 18th March 2018

Letter from Fr. Dennis to our community

My Dear Friends,

The season of Lent now enters its most solemn stage – Passiontide, and all is veiled. This is done so that may focus our thoughts and prayers more keenly on the altar, where each time Mass is offered, the Sacrifice of the Cross is renewed, and the saving action of Christ’s death is brought afresh into the present moment. We are preparing to celebrate ‘The Paschal Mystery’: The secret hidden in God, is now revealed through the passion, death, resurrection and glorification of Christ as a new Passover that leads everything from death to life. The Paschal Mystery is at the center of the Christian Good News, of what it is to be Christian, of the Christian year and the Christian seasons.

As part of our preparation for Easter two special services of Reconciliation have been arranged. The first of these is to be next Tuesday evening at Holy Trinity, Brook Green and will be at 8 pm. The second is to be on Monday 26th March at the church of the Holy Cross and will be at 7.30 pm. Naturally, Fr Emmanuel and I will also be available to hear confessions at the times indicated on the special Holy Week card. I cannot stress how important Sacramental Confession is for us as Catholics, for we are all called to be reconciled to the Father before we may celebrate the joy of the Resurrection.

Finally, as we do each year there will be the opportunity for us to remember our loved ones at the altar of repose on Maundy Thursday through our “Lilies for Remembrance”. Please write the names on the slips of paper provided on the news- paper table, and place them with your donation in the envelopes to help defray the costs of our Easter flowers. Flowers are wickedly expensive and this is not only a lovely way for us to remember our loved ones, but also a lovely way to help decorate and make our church beautiful church for Easter.

Every blessing,


Fr. Dennis


Fr. Dennis

Fr. Dennis Touw – Tempelmans Plat.  Parish Priest

Fr. Emmanuel Onwu. Assistant Priest