Are we living in a new age of Sexual Fascism?
There is to be a one day conference at St Mary of the Angels Church,W2 5DJ to get to the very heart of this document. We have a few free tickets for this event; if you would like to go please collect a ticket from Gerald in the Parish Office. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

 2.- Music Ministry
We are looking for a keyboard player for our family Mass. Music is a vital element of our worship, so I would ask you to give this some active thought and prayer. If you are able to help, or can point us in the direction of someone who can, then please have a word as soon as possible. Thank you for your help.

3.- Urgent Summer help for the Soup Kitchen
Many of our wonderful volunteers go away for the summer months which leaves the Soup Kitchen seriously understaffed. If you were able to help, temporarily, from the middle of June until early Sept this would be a great help! Please speak to Gerald in the Parish Office.

4.- Lenten Alms – Cardinal Appeal
The Cardinal has asked that our Lenten Alms collection be directed to his appeal fund. The funds raised will go to support parishes in their work to further the mission of the Church; to serve the evangelisation of youth, to develop marriage and family life projects and to help those on the margins of society. There are leaflets for you to take home next weekend as well as special envelopes please return them to the Presbytery. Many thanks.

5.- A Special Invitation
This is a special invitation to the children of our community who have recently made their First Holy Communion. Now that you have encountered Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament the Church invites you to become an ALTAR SERVER so that you may help the Priest as he celebrates Mass. If you would like to join our wonderful team of servers please speak to Mr Wayne O’Reilly or Fr Dennis.

6.- St John Bosco Children’s Camps
The St John Bosco summer camps provide an exciting opportunity for children to have a unique camping holiday in the Essex countryside. The entire week is taken up with a programme of planned and supervised activities, football, cricket, swimming, boating, climbing, archery, mountain biking to name but a few. There are two camps for boys 21-28th July and 28 July to 4th August and one camp for girls 4 – 11th August. Cost – all found is £145. More details may be found online at

“Adoremus will be a unique opportunity for the Church to gather and re- flect on the centrality of the Eucharist and particularly to explore the place of Eucharistic Adoration. Over three days, we will hold a Eucharistic Congress to celebrate the place of the Eucharist in our lives, and will draw together 10,000 people from England and Wales.”

The last International Eucharistic Congress in England was held in 1908 when permission for a public procession of the Blessed Sacrament was refused! Participants will engage in a series of sessions focusing on different dimensions of the Eucharist and the daily celebration and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We seek to rejuvenate Eucharistic adoration in our parishes as the source of strength for our lives and for our mission, that of making present the love and compassion of Jesus in our society. A number of places have been reserved for our parish – more details, re cost etc, may be had from Gerald in the front office or by speaking to Fr Dennis or by going to

8.- Westminster and Cardinal Vincent Nichols News


The new Diocesan Year Books are still on sale at the newspaper table. Also
available are the latest editions of Bible Alive.

The latest edition of the Diocesan Newspaper is also available on the
newspaper table – always a good read; get your copy today!!

There is a pastoral letter for the Feast of the Holy Family from our Cardinal,
to be listened to at all Masses this weekend copies of the letter are also
available for you to take home after Mass, they too are on the newspaper
table – please help yourself.

9 .- Parish Catechesis

Every year we prepare many children and adults for various sacraments.

To accomplish this we depend on the support of our dedicated catechists.
To find out more about this wonderful ministry please speak to Fr Dennis, Fr Emmanuel or Sue, or email

10.- Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

23rd – 29th JULY 2018

The Cardinal will once again be leading the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes this summer. More details, and booking forms, may be found on the newspaper table. Please help yourself. Fr Dennis and Gerald can also furnish you with further details. Bookings appear to be going very well and there is considerable interest from within our own parish of St Thomas.

11.- Renewal Time! – 200 Club Parish Lottery

The 200 Club is a monthly parish lottery open to all. Membership is £60 for the year or £5 by standing order. Half the money raised is paid in prizes, half goes to fund parish activities including the soup kitchen.

To join or renew membership please complete a membership form, copies by the door, or email Charles Noel:

The prize winners in the April draw are:

21. £141.25 Nancy McDermott                93. £28.25 Edward Noel

85. £28.25 Angela Moyna                        107. £17.00 David Rolls

160. £17.00 Peter Hrekow &                    145. £17.00 Jeremy Jones

Congratulations to the winners, the prize cheques will be in the post. If you are one of the 15 members who have not yet renewed your subscription there is still time to join – and   this will increase the prizes!


Bible Study Group Thursday in the Bowden Room. There are two excellent monthly publications available for those wishing to study the scriptures on the newspaper table: Bible Alive and My Day By Day.

13.- Gift Aid Notice

  1. For those who have signed a Gift Aid Form

We submit a Gift Aid claim asking HM Revenue and Customs to give us back the tax that you have paid on your donations. So if you have stopped paying tax, please contact Martin O’Byrne on so that we don’t ask for tax that has not been paid.

  1. For Donors who have not signed a Gift Aid Form

If you have not signed a Gift Aid form but do pay tax, please consider signing one (please contact Martin O’Byrne on as we can claim 25p per £1 at no cost to you.

14.-  Going to Hospital?

In the event that you are admitted to Hospital, in light of data protection, please indicate on entering hospital that your details are to be passed to the RC Chaplain. Also mention that you would like the RC Chaplain to visit you.7