1.- National Rededication to Jesus through Mary

Catholics in England are invited from next Friday to prepare for a personal rededication to Jesus through Mary by following “33 days to Morning Glory” a special publication which can be viewed online and easily downloaded as a pdf. On the Feast of the Annunciation (25th March), there will be an opportunity to make this personal consecration after the morning Mass, and on the following three days (26/27/28) a triduum of prayer will be recited after the morning Mass consisting of the Litany of Saints and Martyrs of England and the Holy Rosary. Finally, after all the Sunday Masses on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th – the formal rededication will be made – in line with every Catholic Cathedral in England and Wales.

2.- Let the Children Live
Let The Children Live! is a charity that works in Colombia with children from the streets and shanty-towns of the city of Medellín. These children were once called ‘the disposable ones’ and although that name is no longer used they are still at high risk. Let The Children Live! is at present working with 320 very vulnerable boys and girls in this city. For most of them, it is their last hope. Their ages range from babies to teenagers and they are often unloved and unwanted; even beaten, robbed, raped and sometimes murdered. The charity, which was founded by Fr Peter Walters, who will be visiting us next weekend, aims to safeguard the lives of these children and to make their lives worth living by giving them love, education, and a future. A retiring collection will be taken up after all Masses.

3.- Thomas Becket – Anniversary Canterbury Cathedral – Sunday 5th July 2020

Canterbury Cathedral are celebrating the 850th anniversary of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket and the 800th anniversary of the Translation of his relics to the shrine that was consecrated in 1220. As a parish dedicated to St Thomas we have been invited to attend. If you are interested in going to the special service you may wish to have your name entered into the draw for tickets (we have 8). Please let the parish office have your details as soon as possible if you wish to be considered. Closing date 22nd March. Fr Dennis will lead the group which will travel independently by train from Victoria Station.

4.- Parish Catechist

We need to recruit extra catechists for our catechetical programs – Communion, Confirmation and Baptism preparation! You do not have to have a degree in theology – just a real desire to pass on your Catholic faith – please speak to Fr Dennis, Fr. Linferd or Sue if you can help.

5.- Annual Mass of Thanksgiving for the Sacrament of Matrimony Westminster Cathedral, Saturday 30th May 2019 at 3pm.

The Cardinal will be inviting to this Mass those who are celebrating their 5th 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th (or any anniversary over 60) wedding anniversary of Catholic marriage in 2020. If you are celebrating an anniversary, please give Fr Dennis, or Gerald Daly in the parish Office the following details: husband and wife’s names, wedding date, full postal address and email (or telephone number, if no email).


A lecture on Tuesday 31st March 7:30 pm at Notre Dame de France – Leicester Place (of Leicester Square) Speaker Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald This important evening is being hosted by FACE – Fellowship and Aid to the Christians of the East. Admission is free but there will be a retiring collection in aid of this important work

7.-  The Holy Cross Parish Charity Ball – Saturday 2nd May 2020

To raise funds for Holy Cross Primary, the Fulham Bilingual and the Chelsea Hospital Schools. Tickets at £110 each can be purchased by completing a booking form, copies of which can be sent on request by email from For more information, please contact Monica on 07896 639 569 or Catherine on 07909 896 439.

8.- Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. 25th to 31st JULY 2020

Once again Cardinal Vincent Nichols will lead the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. This is a truly wonderful week of prayer, intercession, and fun! More details and booking forms about this wonderful pilgrimage, are on the newspaper table. Do help yourself. Further information with regard to this week can be had from Fr Dennis or Gerald in the parish office.


If you are a regular Eucharistic Minister here at St Thomas of Canterbury and would be available to take Holy Communion to our housebound parishioners, on Sundays or during the week, would you please speak to Fr Dennis a.s.a.p.! There is a great need for more ‘ministers’ to go out into the community to bring the Sacraments to those unable to get to Mass. Thank you for your help.

10.- Funeral Instructions

Please note that at the presbytery door of the church there are special Funeral Instruction Leaflets. The idea of such a leaflet is that you take it home, fill it in, put it with your important papers and then forget about it!! Or at least, you do not fret over it. The purpose of such leaflets is to help your family in the future, so that they may be 100% certain that they are following your wishes when the time comes – as it doe for all of us. I promise you, your family will be deeply grateful for your help and wisdom.

11.- The Holy Land Pilgrimage

Fr Dennis has been asked to lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in June from the 16th – 23rd. A visit to the Holy Land is the journey of a lifetime and a truly spiritual experience, for to visit and pray where Our Lord lived, died and rose for us is a truly life-changing experience!

After a most successful first meeting, extra copies of the pilgrimage itinerary and Booking Forms may be collected from the parish office.

If you are at all interested in being part of this group then come along to the Parish Hall (no 62) on Friday 24th to meet with Fr Dennis.

Our Lord lived, died and rose for us is a truly life-changing experience!

12.- The 12-0-clock Choir

The choir will be starting up again next weekend, and as always the leaders are looking to recruit further members! If you are interested in becoming a part of this increasingly committed choir please speak to either Matthew or James after Mass on Sunday.

13.- The 10.30 Mass Choir

Our Family Mass choir has a thriving number of members but is always more than happy to welcome newcomers. Music is a vital part of our worship and prayer both at 12 and at 10.30 – please help our community in making it even more so.

14-  200 Club Parish Lottery

The 200 Club is a monthly parish lottery open to all. Membership is £60 for the year or £5 by standing order. Half the money raised is paid in prizes, half goes to fund parish activities including the soup kitchen.

January draw winners:

19 Pierce Ryan £133           1 Paul Alexander £27

2 Della McEnroe £27          155 Dermot O’Sullivan £16

135 Vera Treacy £16            75 Krystyna Miller £16

During 2019 the 22 Club raised £6.790 and paid out £3,428 in prizes and provided £3,362 for Parish activities. Many thanks for all your support. New members are always most welcome; application forms are available at the church door.

To join or renew membership please complete a membership form, copies by the door, or email Charles Noel:


The Bible Study Group will start to meet again this coming Friday at 4.30 pm at no 62. As the Church throughout the world prepares to keep a special Year of the Word of God such meetings are very important.

16.- Gift Aid Notice

  1. For those who have signed a Gift Aid Form

We submit a Gift Aid claim asking HM Revenue and Customs to give us back the tax that you have paid on your donations. So if you have stopped paying tax, please contact Martin O’Byrne on so that we don’t ask for tax that has not been paid.

  1. For Donors who have not signed a Gift Aid Form

If you have not signed a Gift Aid form but do pay tax, please consider signing one (please contact Martin O’Byrne on as we can claim 25p per £1 at no cost to you.

17.-  Going to Hospital?

In the event that you are admitted to the Hospital, in light of data protection, please indicate on entering the hospital that your details are to be passed to the RC Chaplain. Also mention that you would like the RC Chaplain to visit you.