Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

becoming catholic

Our Journey in Faith programme is primarily for people who are interested in the Catholic Church and in joining it. It’s difficult for many to take the first step and so often when those who do present themselves are asked “why did you leave it so long?” their reply is “no-one ever invited me!” So perhaps there is someone you know who wants to be asked! It might be your husband/wife. It might be a friend. It might be a work colleague. The recent visit of Pope Benedict could well have influenced some. So could I invite you to look around and see if there’s someone you could invite. And don’t leave her/him to come on their own! Come with them! The course is also open to baptised Catholics who for some reason or another have missed out on receiving Holy Communion of Confirmation.

For those wishing to become Catholics or for Catholics who would like to know more about their faith please speak to Fr Dennis.