Baptism Course

The birth of a child is surely a big transformation in the life of the parents and in the whole family.

The pregnancy, the preparation, the birth, the first weeks… the growing up…  getting to know the little person who is now developing her/his own personality… amazing miracle!

God wants also to be part of that new history of life… God wants to embrace the little/big life of each one of us and let us know we are well made and well loved, no matter what! 

And there is so much more God would like to tell us, about ourselves and about our children. Often with the rhythm of life, our Christian knowledge lies forgotten, as a book full of dust on our bookshelf, or as a routine well kept out of our daily worries, longings and decisions.


So the Baptismal course, with its 4 weeks, is actually just a taster of all the richness of our faith. It tries to connect people in the parish who are living similar moments in their lives and tries to be a dynamic and interesting way of deepening into the treasures of who God is and what God has done in the history of the world and in our own.

Hopefully by the end of the course, everyone will feel reassured that the best gift we can give our children is Baptism; as the beginning of the beautiful adventure of life until one day we’ll all meet God face to face. God, who out of love, creates and accompanies us throughout the whole of our existence.

The courses are 4 weekly sessions.  The baptism dates follow the end of each course.

The registration dates are going to be announced in our weekly Newsletter close to the beginning of the courses.


Baptism Preparation – Parents are asked to keep their eyes on the parish newsletter for the date of the next course which will take place in the year