Confirmation Programme

The rhythm of life nowadays is so quick… still God remains, He is always the same… his love never changes. That is what we would like to offer as an experience to the young people who ask to be confirmed in our parish.  

But many questions arise: Is Christian faith relevant for youngsters? How to speak in a way that it can make sense in today’s world? How to keep sharing the Gospel as the most certain way to happiness in life? These are some of the challenges we face and the aims we set up for the Confirmation programme in our parish. 

Throughout the years, many people asked to be confirmed. Throughout it all Jesus keeps telling us, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will be my witnesses… till the end of the world”. So we pray that the time spent together praying, sharing, discussing and having fun can have marked their lives in an unforgettable way. We pray that it enabled them to grow also in their faith, to be witness in their lives of the power of the Spirit. 

The Christian faith is an amazing treasure that is hidden inside of us… our task, as catechists, is to unearth it! For that we try to look at many aspects of Christian formation: faith and reason, the person of Jesus and the God he shows to us. We also deepen in how to be guided by the Spirit living a life adventuring in the ways of true friendship, trying to avoid the dangerous mirages we can fall into in the search for fun! If possible we spend a weekend away on the Isle of Wight with great activities. And at the end, in a special way, the time will come to receive the gift of God’s love: the Holy Spirit! 

We would like all of you who are thinking of being confirmed that we are very welcome to join us.


                   By Paula Jordão


parents are asked to keep their eyes on the parish newsletter for the date of the next course which will take place in the new year.