• What can I do if I am New in the Parish or I am just interested in Catholicism?

If you’re new to the Parish, or just interested in Catholicism, your best first step is to come to on Sunday Mass; however you are also welcome to any of our weekly masses. There is a great variety of Masses each week including a Mass for families with very young children on Sundays in the Parish at 10.30 am.

There is a ‘JOURNEY IN FAITH’; for those wishing to become Catholics or for Catholics who would like to know more about their faith. Registration will be on Monday 7th October at 7.30pm in the Bowden Room. (Now it is suspended due to covid restrictions)

You can also, go to ‘New to the Parish’ tab, where you can find further information.


  • How do I find information about a particular subject or parish groups and activities?

Have you tried using the search box (bottom of the Pages column on the right)? Also, all the community groups and activities of the parish are listed under ‘Community’ tab. If you have any other query, please send us a message by completing the form which is in ‘Contact us’ tab.

We have tried to make this site as easy to navigate as possible but this is still work-in-progress. Do let us have your suggestions for improvements.

  • How do I contact the person responsible for a particular parish organisation or group?

Most of the groups and organisations have contacts listed. In many cases their phone number, email address or a contact form is available. In the absence of anything else you can always send us an email, or contact the Parish administration office on 020 7385 4040 within the office hours.