St Thomas’s Friends

Who are St Thomas’s Friends for Friends?

St Thomas’s Friends for Friends is a group of people who started meeting at the church of St Thomas of Canterbury about 3 years ago. We want to offer more social opportunities to children and adults with special needs.

We are part of the Parish and we benefit from the Parish’s help for our activities.

What do we do?

We organise events and parties, often in conjunction with a Mass. All of us, with special needs or not, help with the celebration and we get the congregation involved. Some of our annual events are:

  • In June, the picnic in Fulham Palace gardens, with a football match
  • In July, we help at the Parish summer barbecue
  • In December, the multi-lingual Christmas carols, with Italian cake and mulled wine
  • In autumn, the Harvest Mass sometime followed by a Barn Dance

These events have become part of the Parish’s calendar and people look forward to them.

Most of us have families with children and this limits the amount of time  that we can give to St Thomas’s Friends for Friends. But what we do, we do with passion and commitment.

The group tries to foster the development of friendships with people with special needs, to visit them at home or to go out, to have fun in smaller groups: some of us have been to the theatre, concerts, on day trips and to do other things.

Overall through the group there is a marvellous opportunity to make real friends, to benefit from the diverse gifts of others and to have a lot of fun!

Can I join?

Our group is open to everybody: YOU ARE WELCOME!